Talofa and Welcome to Samoa, the Treasured Islands of the South Pacific.

The 'Treasured Islands' of Samoa are the crowning jewels of the South Pacific. Surrounded by the warm crystal clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, here travelers will find islands blessed with natural beauty, a tropical paradise where the environment is pristine, the people friendly and hospitable and a living culture treasured by all. Discover what the great writers of the 18th Century, Rupert Brooke and Robert Louis Stevenson, discovered during their visits to Samoa after searching the world for paradise. Samoa's natural wonders of waterfalls, rainforests, mountains, volcanoes, and miles of white sand beaches beckon the adventurer seeking peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of modern society. The Samoan people are eager to play hosts to visitors from afar and share their hospitality. Experience a holiday destination like no other, uniquely tropical, exciting and distinctively Samoan.

Samoa and Tonga, like the other areas of the South Pacific have a good selection of accommodations, from hotel rooms in their respective towns and cities to Beach Bungalows scattered along white sand beaches. Talk to Carol, our Samoa and Tonga Specialist and whether you are looking for pure rest and relaxation, adventure or just want to swim with a Whale she will help you plan the perfect Samoa or Tonga Vacation.