Australia is a large country with a million different things to see and hundreds of places to visit. It is for this reason that tailor-making a personalized itinerary is often a better choice than jumping on one of the coach or rail tours that leave on particular dates and go to specific places. On a tailor-made itinerary you choose where you want to go and how long you want to stay in each place. For example, I just flew into Sydney, spent 5 nights there and then flew up to Cairns for a week and then spend the final 12 days driving down the East Coast to Brisbane visiting Mission Beach, Airlie Beach, The Whitsundays including Hamilton Island and the amazing Whitehaven Beach, Frazer Island and Noosa. It was a truly great experience and myself, my husband and our two boys will never forget it – Colette (Owner, Journey Pacific)

To start the process I would recommend you choose your dates and then call one of our specialists on 800 704 7094. We can then work out how many places you will be able to see in your allotted time and which areas are right for you. Don’t forget that a stopover in Fiji would be free of charge if flying with Fiji Airways. Studying the map and then looking at the day tours in each area may help you choose, but please remember we are the experts and are here to answer your questions.